vera's vision
A Lasting legacy

As we celebrate Roberto’s life and extend his vision and mission into the future, it’s important not to lose sight of who made all this possible.

Vera and Roberto were married on November 14th, 1964. They were together for only 8 short years, immediately establishing themselves as one of the most striking and elegant power couples in popular culture.

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humble icon

Vera preferred the sidelines to the limelight, but her tasteful style and effortless poise made her an icon to those who paid attention. Today, she’s an unofficial elder stateswoman of Puerto Rico, and the guardian of Roberto’s legacy. 

Vera also serves as the Goodwill Ambassador to Major League Baseball.

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A Love That Endures

After the tragic loss of Roberto in a plane crash attempting to deliver aid to Nicaragua, it certainly would have been possible to move on, to stay in America and pursue a career, perhaps find love again and remarry.

But Vera didn’t choose that path.

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Carrying the Torch

Instead, she recognized the importance of Roberto’s vision and committed herself and her family to it.

It’s at least partially thanks to her that Roberto is remembered as much today for his humanitarian work as for his talent on the diamond.

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Matriarch of the Dream

It has been Vera’s guidance and tenacity that have guided us through these past 45 years.

She is the mastermind of the Ciudad Deportiva (Sports City) complex, presenting the Clemente Award each year, and illuminating the direction for Roberto Clemente Foundation.

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Welcoming to All

It was Christmas Eve and evening was approaching, and Jean Fruth (photographer for the Baseball Hall of Fame) suggested that she leave soon so the family could go about their night.

But Vera insisted that she stay for dinner, saying “Now you have a family in Puerto Rico.” Jean also had the privilege of capturing the family’s annual observance at the crash site, and also got to participate in the family prayer.

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