Roberto Clemente Jr.

President, RCJ Global Impact, LLC


Roberto Clemente, Jr., eldest son of Roberto Clemente,  is a universally respected philanthropist, humanitarian, entrepreneur,
producer, former broadcaster, and professional baseball player.  Roberto Sr. used his platform and immense athletic gift to serve others and devote his short life to helping make the world a better place, something Roberto Jr. has duplicated and taken very seriously. Roberto Jr.
utilizes his experiences not only as an Afro-Latino but beyond to leverage his platform to help thousands of others on an intensely diverse array of subjects and today’s challenges. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the first seven years of Roberto Jr.’s life were spent between
Puerto Rico and Pittsburgh, PA. After his father’s untimely and tragic death in a 1972 plane crash, while taking relief supplies to Nicaragua earthquake victims, Roberto Jr. became his father’s voice and the spokesperson for the family. He has continued to carry on his father’s
legacy, including playing professional baseball for the Philadelphia Phillies, San Diego Padres, and Baltimore Orioles. After a series of injuries, Roberto Jr. returned to Pittsburgh and established the RBI Baseball Program, aimed at enhancing interest and participation in sports, with a particular emphasis on disadvantaged children. Robert Jr. also established the Roberto Clemente Foundation, bringing the goodwill works to the country and world by aiding at-risk youth, disaster relief, and promoting global service leadership. The foundation today is one of the most admired foundations in the country, both in and out of baseball— utilizing the humanitarian spirit that Roberto Clemente left for the world to follow. Throughout the last 30 years of the foundation’s existence, Roberto Jr. and the team have helped thousands of children and their families.